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Lesson Activity with Linked Embedded Video

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Lesson Activity with Linked Embedded Video
Folks, I'm having some trouble with the lesson activity displaying on the app. Thing is, it's a specific lesson - other lessons work fine elsewhere on the site.

Here's the crux of what's happening in the lesson:

  • Not all content pages are linked to the lesson menu
  • Video is embedded in some content pages
  • These videos are embedded as 'alias' to a file resource in the same course

This Lesson Activity when accessed in the app results in "invalid response value detected", in both Desktop app and Mobile app.

Importing the Lesson into another course with other Lessons Activities that work results in the error "Error getting activity data" on the app, but regular desktop browser works fine.

Any ideas on how to resolve or shall I log it on the TRACKER?

Moodle Mobile: 3.4 (Android on my device, but same issue on iOS) |Android 7.0 | Moodle 3.3.3 (Build: 20171113)

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Re: Lesson Activity with Linked Embedded Video
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Hi James,

can you send us a test account so we can take a look? Please send us the Moodle URL, username and password to Please include some instructions on how to reproduce the problem.

Kind regards,


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