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White paper: 6. Scenarios revisited

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White paper: 6. Scenarios revisited

Today I've been going through the Project MoodleNet white paper, responding to suggestions and comments, and tidying things up. I've also written the first draft of the Scenarios revisited section, so please do take a look at it and add your feedback! This part envisages life in the year 2020 for the six people in the personas we were introduced to at the beginning of the white paper:


In addition:

  • The part that discusses the 'fork-merge-share' approach to Open Educational Practices has been clarified
  • Seung's profile picture has changed (she no longer looks like she's wearing a wedding dress!)
  • There's now a (brief) conclusion

Please do give your feedback either in this thread, or directly on the Google Doc: Thanks in advance for your comments, support, and suggestions!

What's left to do? Tomorrow (last working day before Christmas!) I'm going to be revisiting the brief conclusion I've written, and putting together an Executive Summary.