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Debugging in Eclipse (Moodle 3.3)

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Debugging in Eclipse (Moodle 3.3)

Hello Moodlers

I want to debug moodle using eclipse. I'm unable to configure Xdebug. I followed the steps mentioned in the discussion in the mentioned url: 

I am new to this. So, Silly doubts ahead! smile

1. The ZendExtensionManager.dll  is not present in moodle. Is it for Zenddebugger or we need it to run the Xdebug?

2. After configuring, on running the debug,  i am getting the php warning "Xdebug must be loaded as a Zend extension in unknown line 0"

If anyone could help me out.

Thanks in advance. smile

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Re: Debugging in Eclipse (Moodle 3.3)
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It sounds like you might not have xdebug installed correctly.

They have a tool on their website which will provide you with bespoke instructions, just paste your phpinfo() (or php -i in the command line) output into the form:

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