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White paper: 5. Crowdfunding

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Re: White paper: 5. Crowdfunding

 Moodle Partners might not be the best recipients of crowdfunding. Moodle Partners might consider, though, responding to this OER proposal by the California Community College system, if not to try to regain some of the 114 CCCs that Instructure/Canvas has taken away from them, but to also avoid Canvas, D2L and Schoology from taking more of their Moodle users. The CCC OER proposal is begging to have someone make a course that does the kinds of things that Moodle does so well. Other U.S. states are in the process of drafting proposals like the California one. 

Moodle Partners could partner with each other to create robust versions of OER courses that will then provide a reason for more users to use their fee based services. I've been involved for several years with the

which has used a partnership model to create forty K12 courses in English, Math, Social Studies and Science which are being  released as OER once they are vetted by teams of teachers. If there are any Moodle Partners who want to participate in creating the robust Moodle versions of those courses, let me know. We can post those courses to Moodle.Net. We're working on 3rd grade Science and Chemistry now. Once these courses are posted to crowdfunding might make sense to translate those courses to other languages, but, again, it would be in the self interest of Moodle Partners who work in the other languages to just do the translations as a means of creating a better market for their fee based services.

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Re: White paper: 5. Crowdfunding
Lots to think about there, when we come to the crowdfunding component! Still a way off yet... smile