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Is it possible to postpone the MySQL utf8mb4 requirement?

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Re: Is it possible to postpone the MySQL utf8mb4 requirement?
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2 cents ...

Is 3.1 still supported for any fixes ... know it's supposed to be supported for
security fixes, but shouldn't fixes include the ability to update the environment
component separately so when a 3.1 Admin user checks environment for future versions
there is no confusion?   Actually, it does allow one to update the component ... which is a fix.

Just tested environment after updating component on a 3.1.highest.
Pick list set to: 3.4 or 3.5 the bottom is displayed a "check" explanation:

And states:

"if this test fails, it indicates a potential problem
The current setup of MySQL or MariaDB is using 'utf8'. This character set does not support four byte characters which include some emoji. Trying to use these characters will result in an error when updating a record, and any information being sent to the database will be lost. Please consider changing your settings to 'utf8mb4'. See the documentation for full details."

"You must solve all the environmental problems (errors) found above before proceeding to install this Moodle version!"

There is a link that goes to:

The check buttons ... one orange, the other red ... the red one should be
referenced in the last line .... that of 'You must solve ...' (errors - the red check) ...".

Hmmm ... tell 'em, tell 'em what you told them, then tell 'em again!
Yeah, I know redundant but ....

So that means IF something in Moodle attempts to insert an emoji there will
be issues.   Yeah, understand that, but loss of data?

Think that maybe something of more importantance be mentioned ... emoji is one thing
(which really doesn't add any true educational value) ... but Asian characters would be supported ... and if using the BMP plane, mathematical symbols.  Now that's of educational value.

But is there anything in Moodle code or character set for Math that takes advantage of BMP and
math symbols?  Are there math symbols in the BMP plane that could be accessed by Moodle code?

Like I said ... 2 cents. ;)

'spirit of sharing', Ken

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