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White paper: 2. Messaging

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White paper: 2. Messaging

The first draft of the Messaging section of the MoodleNet white paper is now ready for feedback! This part begins to outline how the intention for Project MoodleNet is to foster communities of practice. 

The recommendations from this section are currently:

  • Recommendation #6: Project MoodleNet should employ end-to-end encryption on all messages sent through the system. It should also be clear to users who will be able to see their communications (e.g. public / group / one-to-one)
  • Recommendation #7: To the greatest extent possible, Project MoodleNet should be interoperable with open standards, including the import and export of data to and from other social networks. It should have an API that allows others to build upon the core functionality it offers.
  • Recommendation #8: Project MoodleNet should aim at helping educators create Communities of Practice, adding features and taking UX decisions that help with this (e.g through ‘call to action’ buttons).

I'm almost finished the next section, too, so I'll add a separate thread for the 'News feed' part of the paper, too.  

Please give your feedback either in this thread, or directly on the Google Doc: