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Hi i have followed all the instructions but still couldnt install php solr on my windows server 2012.

i have installed APACHE solr and started through command prompt and it started at port 8983 on my localhost. but Not sure how to integrate with my moodle. 

For PHPsolr  are there any specific instructions to install except to drag the specific compiled dll to the ext folder or something else. I have checked 

the PHP info page and could not see the solr enabled. please let me know I'm stuck here. 

i have moodle 3.4 version and i have downloaded latest php 7.1 for 64 bit and solr 7.1 dll. do we have to do any configuration setting in php to display solr as enabled

error says unable to load "dynamic link library".

Please consider as mine is a WINDOWS server 2012 IIS7.

any suggestions appreciated , thanks 

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