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Error on deleting users

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Re: Error on deleting users
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Thank you for your response Matteo.

It seems like I'm not the only one. In the mean time I found

I used 

select * from mdl_grade_grades where itemid not in (select id from mdl_grade_items)

from the tracker issue and found 2084 records on a total of 707849.

I deleted them with

DELETE from mdl_grade_grades where itemid not in (select id from mdl_grade_items)
which was mentioned in the bug.

After running the delete query all was working fine again and I managed to delete the 400 users.

I think your suggested code change would have worked too, but I preferred in this case to clean up the database - it might prevent future problems.

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Re: Error on deleting users

Koen, I am on Moodle 3.5+ (Build: 20180607)  and this has been happening to me for two years on each and every version, finally I have it resolved, I verified the grades (truthfully unworried as I had reset all my classes for the year) and the bulk cleanup went through after experiencing the error repeatedly both in bulk and individual user deletion. 

I appreciate your time posting the steps/solution.

May you have a great summer!

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