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500 User Limit

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500 User Limit

Good Day All.

My first post, so please be kind.

I have installed Moodle on my own server and am developing my first course, which is gaining quite a bit of interest.  I already have enquiries for 2,000 candidates.  I have been told by a developer friend that Moodle has a capacity of 500 users.  

Can someone confirm if this is correct and if so, is there any way around this limit.



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Re: 500 User Limit
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 We have some course with more than 2500 Students.

And in the System more than 60 000.

For Quiz at the same time (concurrent Users) You need about 1 GB memory (RAM) for 50 Users.

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Re: 500 User Limit
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Nope... Moodle doesn't impose a limit on the number of users. 

Your hardware might (effectively) impose a limit on the number of people doing something at the same time. 

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