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Group audio assignments - plugins?

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Group audio assignments - plugins?

Dear community,

I am looking for a smooth solution to the following problem:

In our distance learning program (language classes), we want students to practice their language abilities in groups of two or three. For documentation and feedback purposes, we also want them to record their practical exercises and submit them as an assignment for grading.

Group audio assignments are an integral part of our online classes. So far we have asked students to meet online (skype) and record their dialogues with their phones, but the process is cumbersome, the result is of bad quality and requires up- and downloads.

So we are searching for a solution that permits audio recordings of dialogues/group talks with several participants who are not able to meet physically. Do you know whether there is a plugin with a feature that enables several users to join a recording?

An example: We want a group of 3 online students to do an oral role play (conversation). The three students are at three different places in the country and can only do the exercise online. The recorded exercises is uploaded or embedded in Moodle and counts as an assignment for all three of them.

Thanks for your time. (Moodle 3.1.8, but soon to be upgraded to 3.4)

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Re: Group audio assignments - plugins?
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Hi Ruth,

With groups set up properly in your course and any web conferencing activity that allows for recording (BigBlueButton, for instance), this can be set up. If you can get the recordings to start automatically, you'd have a fully recorded session of their interaction and screen usage, with webcam/audio/chat used for you to review.

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Re: Group audio assignments - plugins?
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Big Blue Button will do what you are asking for.  It is a straightforward install if you have server expertise with Ubuntu. There are also hosting options as well.  In the video I show how it respects groups.  The beauty of BBB is that it is tightly integrated with Moodle.  The recordings can be viewed using the Recordings activity display.  

Here is a video of how we have it integrated at the K-12 Level.  

FAST FORWARD to 6 minute mark for BigBlueButton 


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Re: Group audio assignments - plugins?

I don't know if you have any budget for 3rd party tools, but the demos I've seen of YouseeU seem pretty intriguing for this type of assignment: https://vimeo.com/174898372

I'm still trying to drum up support for this among our faculty/staff because I think it looks really useful.

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Ang: Group audio assignments - plugins?
Thank you so much for your suggestions. I will look into them and check out

the possibilities.

Jason McGensy (via Moodle.org) <noreply@moodle.org> schrieb am Fr. 9. Feb.
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Re: Ang: Group audio assignments - plugins?

Hello Ruth,

My name is Keith, and I am a Software Implementation Specialist at YouSeeU. Are you looking for a tool that would allow your students to meet in a live session and record their conversation? Or, are you looking for an option so that student can record different portions that respond to a video posted by their peer, but not live? We have solutions for both of these situations. Please let me know if you have any questions, or anyway I can help you. 

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