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Managing courses with no set start date (open enrollment)

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Re: Managing courses with no set start date (open enrollment)

Thanks for the suggestion! I have been looking at the options for this in version 2.9 and I see that I can make new topics available upon completion of previous activities, and that may have to do for now. I have a teacher however who would like new topics to become automatically available weekly. We can do this for courses with set dates, but for his course, students will be able to enroll and begin the course at any time. Ideally we would like to set up a course in weekly format, but instead of fixed dates that apply to everyone, have the course start date for each student be based on their enrollment date or first access date or something like that. So for example, students would all begin the course with topic one regardless of when they enroll, and then the next topic would become available to them the following week, with no other requirements. I'm hoping that version 3.4 would support this.

Any additional suggestions welcome!

Thanks again,

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