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Level Up 'Pick a condition type'

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Level Up 'Pick a condition type'

Hi, I'm setting up a Moodle course using Course completion and Level Up in Moodle v3.2. I'm trying to set the Rules for Level Up, but I'm getting odd behaviour: when I click '+Add a condition' the 'Pick a condition type' dialogue appears, but with a maximum of two options available:

  • 'Set of conditions' always appears
  • One of 'Activity or resource' or 'Specific event' may appear but not both and often neither.

Refreshing the page appears to switch randomly between these alternatives. 

Am I doing something wrong? 

I'm only using the free version currently (as the course I'm building is just a pilot) - will consider upgrading but need to know whether this is a bug, my own error or something which is only corrected in the subscription version. Screen shot attached if useful.


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