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i have issue

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i have issue

I wasn't sure if I should add to that thread or not, so I'm posting here.  Hopefully, this is a simple one.

I have verified that there are a number of files referenced in my private files block that are in mdl_files but do not exist on the app server.

I am wondering if I can simply remove the records from the database?  Technically, it's out of sync now, since it has references with no files to match.  This approach would be instead of creating an empty matching file on the app server, only to remove it once the record(s) are removed from the database.  For example, I have the same hash for a Private db record and a Draft db record.

Thanks for any assistance.

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Re: i have issue
Do the files actually appear on the Moodle site itself, then when you attempt to access them you get a 404?

If they don't and if the trash data in mdl_files isn't taking up a lot of space, then I'd suggest leaving it there really.

They can be "simply" removed from the database. Though in reality, your best option is to verify the data against the moodledata\files dir one by one. If you're feeling this adventurous then do make sure you do this on a clone of the site first, rather than the live site!
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