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Separate group - enrol user page

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Separate group - enrol user page


I am using Moodle3.3 with clean theme

This is more of a functionality questions

I have made - course settings -> group as separate group.

I have create a non-editing teacher and added him in a group called group1

Now when this non-editing teacher, go to view the grade screen, it RIGHTLY shows the grades only for group1 students. (Image attached - img1)

I have also, allowed this new role to enrol users in the course, but when this non-editing teacher role person, goes to enrolment screen, it gives an option to select the group and shows all participants.

I was expecting it will only lists the users from group1 (like the way it does in grades screen). Image (image2).

Is this a bug? or my understanding issue?

Could you please help!


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