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links below course items & a ‘jump to’ menu

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links below course items & a ‘jump to’ menu

The new feature in Moodle 3.4 "New links below course items & a ‘jump to’ menu means faster and more intuitive navigation of activities" (see Moodle 3.4 has landed with a strong focus on usability).

How do you disable that?

I tried Site Admin -> Appearance -> Navigation, but not there and no where else seemed an obvious place to look for it.


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Re: links below course items & a ‘jump to’ menu

Hello, Morag-- Did you ever find a settings-based solution to this?

I find it troubling that quizzes have this jump to menu at the bottom of every quiz page, tempting students to navigate away from the exams they're taking, then when time runs out the attempts are locked in limbo.

Is the CSS option of hiding .m-t-2  and .m-b-1 the best option?

Thanks for making me feel not-alone in thinking this is an (at least) occasionally problematic improvement.

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Re: links below course items & a ‘jump to’ menu
I couldn't find a way to disable it through Moodle. Added the .m-t-2.m-b-1 {display: none;} css to remove it.

Would be nice if this could be removed as a standard option.

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Re: links below course items & a ‘jump to’ menu

Please find a solution for that.

Yes, same problem here. I use quizzes a lot and that navigation menu/arrow below each and every single question is so confusing for students...

There's the 'Next Question' intuitive button and it is enough. Can't find a reason why someone needs a shortcut to jump to the next visible activity (which can be at the end of the course, like my case) instead of 'next question' which is used 99,9% of the times.

Very very annoying...

Is there any possibility to remove it?

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Re: links below course items & a ‘jump to’ menu

Dear friends. I have found a (very) partial solution for the 'double' button problem at the bottom of the quizzes (one –the good one– sending to 'next page' and the other –the bad one– one sending to 'next activity').

This second one (it is a 3.4. feature) breaches one of the most sacred rules in web surfing and User Experience: "Don't send people to the same point using two different ways or buttons'. Users already know how to arrive to the next 'activity' on the course. They simply go back to main menu and then choose it. This 'next activity' option is a shortcut for experienced users, but quite a pain in the ass for newbies and for people on their smartphones or tablets (finger tapping on it is horrible, it's just beside the other one!)

Sorry for my English. 

I mean the bad button is right next to the good one, which makes surfing on small screens or tap-based devices (finger on a tablet or a smartphone) very bad navigation experience.

This message is only for people obssessed with clearity and useful navigation experience. It's quite a time-expensive solution, but I finally did it.

I am a quite obssessed person about UX and cleanness on the screen. Furthermore, the course I teach is for teachers (I mean, for people more used to create courses rather than to enrol on them as students, so, for them, I need Moddle to be the simplest as possible). If any of you have ever teach to teachers then you know how difficult can things become... oh God.

Well, then HOW TO DISABLE THE 'go-to-nex-activity' button below the quizzes.

I've realised that this button don't appear when the Quizz is the 'LAST' activity in the course. Or at least the last one 'visible.

So, there's two ways to disable the button:

1. Making the rest of the next activities in the course invisible or access-restricted (which sometimes is not possible, of course). In my case it is possible for most of them except for one one last activity at the very end of the course called 'Bibliography' which of course must be visible all time.

So, what's the other way.

2. The second possibility is based on the fact that this ugly and unnnecesary 'next' button cannot see LABELS! It doesn't consider labels as activities, so you can show a 'label' on the course with a link to the activity, so the second is always accessible, but at the same time keep it invisible for the 'bad button'. This can be done with an invisible SECTION (a section 'not shown' to students) that includes 'visible' activities. This apparently contradictive behaviour of Moodle is very very useful. I learnt about it here in another forum a couple of years ago: Visible activities kept on invisible sections still keep their 'link' usable, so, just make the most of it.

So, now i've moved my 'Bibliography' to the hidden section but kept as a 'visible' resource. (When moving to it, Moodle 'hides' the resource, you must manually change to 'visible' again). So students still can see a nice label with a nice book icon redirecting to the bibliography and access it by just clicking on it, but while they're answering quizzes there's nothing  'next' to the quizz activity, so the 'next' button dissapears.

I've included a screenshot below to show the different aspects between both: in the left side you can see the 'Next Page' blue button together with the 'next activity' button. In the right side you can see the clean version. More friendly to smartphones or tablets 'tap/finger'-navegability.

Thanks for reading

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