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How do I designate a user as a teacher

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Re: How do I designate a user as a teacher

Hey Scott - Never mind - what I was missing is that I need to go into the class, then go to the cog wheel, then go into more, then I can enroll a teacher as a student, add the role teacher, and then remove them as a student.  - oh boy!  

So much to learn here!  

Hi Scott,

I am running Moodle cloud so I do not and logged in as administrator. I did create the classes and in all cases I logged in then as a student and self enrolled into a class.  My examples are student1, 2, 3, and 4 respectively.  All of this was done using the admin account when I signed up for model cloud. 

I'm going to attach screen shots of my administration pages but no where do I see Course Administration>Enrolled Users so I can't seem to find where to assign this role.  When I go under courses to manage courses and categories I can see a drop down next to each category for assign role,  When I select that I can assign only manager or course creator to the individual category.  While I follow I should be able to go to a course and show all enrolled students I can't seem to find that

Thank you for your help!


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