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Installing problem: Moodle url doesn't work

Re: Installing problem: Moodle url doesn't work
I'd suggest ignoring the MAMP idea completely and follow what Emma has said about getting Moodle running alongside your Wordpress site on your hosting.

Can I ask who you are using for your Wordpress site? Do you have FTP or SSH access to this to do file uploads?

If you get that in place and create a database ready, the docs link should help you follow along. But if you still get stuck then we can help you.
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Re: Installing problem: Moodle url doesn't work

Hi Dan

thanks for helping me out. I just still get it, neither with youtube videos.

I don't know how to get apache and mysql running.

I had a web designer who also provided me the host (absolutely no idea who that is). Since I couldn't afford his maintenance I now only have a website running via him and I have to maintain, upload, back up etc myself. 

In the past, I have been working with a ftp program and moved my files to a server. However, with this wordpress I really don't get it. I think I need a plugin, but I don't know what URL from moodle  I have to fill in etc.

Maybe it's just too difficult when I hardly understand the questions everyone asked and what words like Mamp, apache etc mean ....? It's like I'm trying to read Chinese...

But hey, thanks for thinking along!

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