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Failed to load http://localhost/Moodle

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Failed to load http://localhost/Moodle

Windows server 2012 R2, IIS

Moodle 3.3.2

PHP 7.1.11

I successfully set up the Moodle server and everything was working fine. Then the IT team installed few security patches, windows server security updates. Now when I try to load http://localhost/Moodle or http://localhost/Moodle/index.php, A blank page is displayed, Under Inspect Element->debugger tab I found the error "failed to load http://localhost/Moodle". 

I tried placing a simple phpinfo file inside Moodle,  http://localhost/Moodle/phpinfo.php shows all the phpinfo just fine.

Only the files associated with Moodle show "Internal Server Error 500"/"Failed to load http://localhost/Moodle" error. Please help me fix this.

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Re: Failed to load http://localhost/Moodle
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Ask your IT team who broke it to fix it? They know what they did...

An error 500 tells you little useful. You need to find the corresponding error log entry for that and see what else it says. 

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Re: Failed to load http://localhost/Moodle
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Firstly agree with Howard - ask your IT team who broke it to take a look.

Things to check is that IIS, PHP and MySQL/MSSQL are running correctly. It could be that after the patches were installed, the server was rebooted and these services didn't restart correctly (or at all).

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Re: Failed to load http://localhost/Moodle
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If you're accessing your site from the server itself you normally get a detailed error message from IIS which might help troubleshoot exactly what went wrong when an Internal Server Error 500 occurs. If not you should be able to configure IIS to provide the detailed error message.

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