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Integration round 2017-11-24; We are A-sync (not really a boys band)

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Integration round 2017-11-24; We are A-sync (not really a boys band)
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Cold numbers:

26 issues have been successfully integrated, 1 rejected and 0 delayed - 96% success.


  • On-sync period is over; Yesterday master (future 3.5) and 3.4 branch versions diverged so master branch is now open to improvements and new features
  • Moodle HQ developers (sometimes with help from other HQ teams) have always been the ones testing all issues that got integrated into Moodle. This last cycle we got help from a group of external testers so HQ developers have more time to focus on development and peer reviewing. It went quite well and they will continue helping us so thanks for your patience and sorry for any possible inconvenience. Thanks Jun Pataleta for coordinating communications between teams and for the smooth transition.
  • Requirements for Moodle 3.5 are being decided and you have not yet added your +1 / -1?? Now it is a good time to do it.
  • We included a new tiny note in the peer reviewing checklist: verify that the related component maintainers, if known, have participated and are aware of the issue (as assignee, or existing comments...). If they have not, please perform a friendly @mention to make them aware about the issue. (

Hot topics:

  • MDL-27886 backup_general_users forbids all users to backup user data
  • MDL-59512 Can't connect a system account to OAuth 2 services that only support client authentication via Basic Auth
  • MDL-60436 Performance regression in block_manager::load_blocks()
  • MDL-58817 LTI icons are overwritten

Warm thanks:

To Andrew Nicols and David Mudrák; they have been chosen as most helpful HQ developers for 3.4 release. Thanks you! For all your past, present and future work.

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