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Quiz feedback settings

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Quiz feedback settings

Hello everyone,

I just started using Moodle for the first time (using newest version).  I am trying to make a quiz with certain setting but I can't quite figure out which combination of them I need (or if what I want can be done at all).

I am making an employee quiz that I need taker to get a 100% on.  What I would like is if the quiz taker selects the wrong answer that they be forced to select the correct answer before moving on or before being able to submit the quiz.  I have feedback and hints written in to every question.   I've tried all the different feedback options but I haven't been able to figure out the correct combinations.  

For example:  Question 1, the answer is A.  If the employee selects B when they press "Next" I would like the quiz to go back to Question 1 and say "incorrect" and have the feedback provided.  So the quiz taken would not be able to continue to question 2 without first correctly answering question 1.  

What would also work is at the end of the quiz, ensuring that all questions are correctly answered before being able to submit.  If the quiz is submitted with incorrect answered, the quiz goes back to the incorrectly answered questions.  

I see a large number of Question Behavior, Feedback, and Review options, and other parameters and I've tried several options but I just can't quite figure the combination I need to make this work...if it even exists.  

Thanks for your help! 

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Re: Quiz feedback settings
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Hi Matt,

You can use Question behavior such as Interactive mode/Adaptive mode. It will help you to achieve what you are expecting from users.

Here is the link

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