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What is the Cohorts?

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What is the Cohorts?

Hi everyone,

I'm a newer of  Moodle and using Moodle 3.3 version.

Now I not understand about the Cohorts in the User menu, Could someone can explain to me about

- What is the Cohorts      

- How do we use this for

Thank you

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Re: What is the Cohorts?
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Docs are here - Cohorts

Let us know if you have any questions. 

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Re: What is the Cohorts?

Hi Howard Miller

Thank you very much for the resource, I will learn them.

Note: May I ask from my understood about Cohorts if I'm wrong please correct me?

The Cohorts is like the Group of the students that we can create right?

For example:

In my organization, I have 100 students from difference department so I can create the Cohorts separate by departments such as

HR group:  20 students

IT group: 20 students

Accounting group: 20 students

Housekeeping group: 40  students


That is my understand about Cohorts

Thank you.

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Re: What is the Cohorts?
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Yes you are right. Cohort is a type of group which can be created Site-wide or Course/Category - wise.

Cohort sync helps you to enroll group of users in any course in a go.

In your case create Cohorts as per department on the site. Then use the cohorts as per the related course.

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