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How do I make scrollpos load sooner

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How do I make scrollpos load sooner

In quizzes, pages re-load to the scroll position that they were at before. To do this, it uses a parameter called 'scrollpos'. This is all great and makes a lot of sense. 

The only (small) problem is it doesn't load straight away: it goes to the top for a second, *then* goes to the previous scroll position. This is pretty jarring. Is there anything that could be done to make it load earlier? Particularly, on the theme side? 

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Re: How do I make scrollpos load sooner
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It is hard to know. The current code is my best attempt to make it work (in all web browers).

If you want to try changing the code to make it work better, then please go for it. As you say, if it worked better, that would be a nicer user-experience.

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