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Recompletion Plugin

Hi All,

I'm relatively new to writing plugins but I am attempting to expand on the excellent work done by Dan Marsden on a basic recompletion plugin for moodle. I am having a look at this as it would be something really useful for my site. In particular I am looking at archiving old completion data for 3 areas

- Course completion

- Quiz completion

- SCORM completion

My idea is rather than just delete the data, I would create new archive tables which i'd copy the data into. I think I can handle this piece. The bit i'm having problems with is adding the ability to view this data once it is archived.

My ideal solution would be to have an additional report page in the quiz settings and SCORM settings areas. I have been looking at the Navigation API extensions for adding the new pages but could do with some advice on how to add to the Quiz/SCORM settings areas specifically.

I would really like to add a table to the quiz overview section which allows a user to see the past completions too if possible.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Recompletion Plugin
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Sounds great Adam! - I look forward to seeing the pull request! smile

in your first version I probably wouldn't worry about a report to view the data - you could just rely on the configurable reports plugin or other similar reporting plugins - then a specific report in the plugin could come later

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