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Iconv PHP extension need to be enable

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Re: Iconv PHP extension need to be enable
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Abu, is this the only error that you are getting?  Usually, if intl is missing, other extensions can also be missing.

I am somewhat familiar with cPanel (on my GoDaddy servers.) There is a tool called "EasyApache4" or the older "EasyApache3".  This is the tool that Bluehost might be referring to.  See if you have it.

I must warn you that even though this tool has the word "Easy" in it, it may not be all that "easy" to use.  Its a bit of t tricky utility, both #3 and #4.  But this tool is probably easier to make these changes than using a terminal program (unless you are Howard and know what you are doing. smile )

If you find that intl is installed, you might need to enable it by uncommenting the appropriate line in your php.ini file.

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