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Re: Introductions

Hi Doug et al,

I was an early Moodler, recently taking a building (a house) sabbatical but at the same time have been trying to usher some enthusiasm around a project (extending a paper written at the end of my MA) to build use of social media for teacher CPD in sub-Saharan Africa. 

Reading the white paper encouraged me to think about this again, is it really possible that I might be able to merge these two interests (Moodle and CPD via smartphones)?

A bit late to the table as you are midst design sprint, however, I did notice the absence of reference to mobility and accessibility. I could assume this is because these principles are now entrenched in the Moodle mission but also wanted to make sure as these are also so easy to forget.

All the best with the sprint (how exciting!)


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Re: Introductions

Hi Mandy, and welcome!

Thanks for sharing the paper, which I look forward to reading. With regard to your question about mobility and accessibility, I think we're so used to principles around universal design that we don't even think about explicitly mentioning them. You're right to call us out on it, however.