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Re: Introductions

Hi Doug and the MoodleNet collaborating community,

This is Don Hinkelman, and I have been serving as a vice-president of the Moodle Association of Japan, as well as supervising the design and promotion of the Moodle Association of Japan Hub, an open course sharing site. My day job is teaching foriegn language communication skills in a Japanese university, manage our university Moodle, and develop/maintain a number of Moodle plugins such as the Sharing Cart and Video Assessment modules. I also research face-to-face technologies and wrote a book on blended technologies in second language classrooms.

I have been meaning to connect with for a long time because MoodleNet is replacing the old Hub, and our MAJ Hub was one of two independent hubs in the world that got surprised by the decision to end the Hub features in Moodle 3.4. At first we thought Hubs were over, but Martin said not to worry because the MoodleNet will continue and greatly expand the connections and community.

For me, I hope the number one goal of this project would be mass collaborative course authoring, of which, course sharing would be the base.  In my experience, sharing a course is not enough, but having a way that all iterations and improvements get collected, discussed, and evaluated would be a powerful paradigm change in how education grows as a whole.

I have not read, but I want to, all the great plans and discussion you have worked on.  Please help me find the best place to get engaged, and I will try my best to support this new project.

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Re: Introductions

Hi Don, and welcome!

This is the perfect time to get involved in the project, as next week we're running a design sprint in London and have just secured the services of a technical architect (who will be announced / introduced in due course).

Everything you need should be linked from

We're looking forward to your contributions based on your wealth of experience! smile

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Re: Introductions

Hello Don,

the MAJ Hub already has a lot of the features that we might hope for in moodlenet - a rating scale for users opinions about courses and also a hit parade (number of downloads), and the opportunity to submit a review.

Surely stories from the experience of this hub will be highly relevant to the moodlenet project, and a reference point for discussions. I'm just deciding how to spend my 10 point registration bonus in the HUB right now...