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Re: Introductions

Hi everyone,

1. I'm Hubert, and I'm a software developer.  I used to work with a former Moodle Partner, and I miss the Moodle community! wink

2. I'm based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

3. When I worked at Remote Learner, I did a bunch of work with the old MNet system (including creating an Java implementation) and was involved in some of the initial discussions in replacing it, which unfortunately stalled out.  It looks like MoodleNet is kind of a spiritual successor to MNet, so I'm excited that there's some progress being made on this front.

In a few weeks, I will be starting to work with New Vector, who are heavily involved with the Matrix communications protocol.  I noticed that you have Matrix listed in your research page, and Matrix seems like it might be a good fit for Recommendations #6 and #7 in the whitepaper under the Messaging section.  Matrix is also planning on looking into the problem of decentralized reputation, so this may be another potential area of collaboration.  If you have any questions about Matrix, feel free to ask me, and I'd be happy to help determine whether or not Matrix would be a good fit for MoodleNet.  But aside from that, this seems like a very interesting project, and I'm looking forward to following its progress!

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Re: Introductions

Hi Hubert, and welcome to the forum!

Thanks for the update about Matrix, and interesting that you did work on MNet.

I'd be happy to talk directly sometime if you want to reach out by email (just doug at moodle dot com)