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Re: Introductions

Hello everybody!

I am looking forward to be part of this new project. I think this will be an important change in the way how to handle eLearning.

Who am I and what am I doing?

I am Ralf and studied education/social science more than 20 years ago. Since then I have worked as a freelance consultant for eLearning-projects in various companies. I advise HR-Leaders and employees how to implement successful eLearning-strategies. Beside Moodle I am also familiar with other (not open source) plattforms.

Moreover I create eLearning content, using e.g. Articulate 360, Storyline and Captivate.

Where am I based?

I live in Cologne (Germany) and was glad to see all the Moodlers last week on the German MoodleMoot in Kassel.

Why am I interested in MoodleNet?

The way of eLearning changes. Since 13 years - when I started with Moodle - I have hoped that companies (and also others) will use all the activities Moodle provides. But, they didn't.

But right now I notice a small spirit of change:
Companies are currently more interested in forums, glossaries and blogs. This trend has already been realized by IBM Connection, Workplace by Facebook and others.

My hope to MoodleNet:

  • I hope that learners will be rescued from being forced to read boring PDF-material and to use WBTs with buttons just to click "next".
  • My second hope is that trainers get the skills to create really useful eLearning-scenarios with fancy plattform features.
  • And of course -  most important for me: education is one helpful key to make the world a better place!

Greetings from Cologne, Ralf