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course goal setting plugin

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Re: course goal setting plugin
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Hi Yahya

in which teacher set the goal for every week and student mark it when when they completed the goal

I am wondering if you need to develop a dedicated plugin for that. The goal for each week (section) could be presented via the standard Label or Page resource module. If the course has the activity completion tracking enabled, you can configure these so that student can mark them as completed (see attached screenshot).

Label module with manual completion enabled

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Re: course goal setting plugin

Yes, you are right. I also find these type of solutions.
but the problem is that my client have an external goal setting system.. in which they have long list of features.

they want some of their features part of their moodle system and work as a plugin.

So I need to develop a plugin with custom feature set related to goal setting.

this block use by Teacher & student roles.

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Richard Jones
Re: course goal setting plugin
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Probably what you want is a block.  I would start with a template (google moodle block template) such as this one:

Study it (or one of the others) for a bit and then see if you can add the functionality you need either by using the developer documentation (not always up to date) or by studying real block code in the source.

Before you do that you might want to go through some formal process with your end user to make sure you are producing something they want and that you have a more exact view of your problem - a non-functional prototype or some user stories for example.

Good luck.

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