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Moodle 3.4 is released!

Martin Dougiamas
Moodle 3.4 is released!

Hello everyone!

I’m back again to place a little cherry ? on top of the hard work done by hundreds of people to produce another Moodle release: version 3.4!

We set out to focus on fixing known usability issues and bugs in this release, rather than adding too many new features.

As a result you’ll see our headline features in this release are improvements to some of the most-used parts of Moodle, such as:

  • A modernised calendar interface with drag and drop etc
  • Improved participants page, merged with enrolments
  • Better navigation in Boost themes
  • Control over file types in assignments and workshops 
  • Our new Inspire analytics system is now integrated in core, ready for the community to really help us take it forward  
  • Many many smaller improvements all over the interface 

See Mary’s lovely videos for more:

Or visit the New Features page, the Release Notes or the Downloads page.

Thanks again to all the developers, testers, documenters, designers, funders, educators and students that have contributed in some way to improving this release.  We are all dedicated to making Moodle the best possible platform for learning, and every step forward is a step toward this goal. 

In the next few months we continue work on usability but also on features for larger institutions and in particular, support for the GDPR in Europe. 

Let’s make Moodle (more) amazing!

Best regards to all.