Assignment with two rubrics?

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Assignment with two rubrics?

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My students have uploaded submissions (word or pdf) to an anonymously marked assignment - they also hand in paper copies that we actually use to read. I have two marking criteria (in two rubrics) each will be assessed by a different person. My (failed) tactics were:

(1) Have the original assignment have one rubric and one marker. Duplicate that assignment with the uploaded submission and set up the second rubric with the other marker. But duplicating the assignment doesn't copy over the submissions. Oh dear.

Or (2) have two rubrics in the one assignment but that too doesn't seem to be an option.

I could break the anonymity and so can match the paper copies with names and then just use a "blank" assignment for the second rubric and marker then I'd be able to match paper copies with the right student, but I'm loath to do this if at all possible.

Any ideas to get me out of this mess would be most welcome.

I am just a "Teacher" on the course and don't have admin rights to install anything (but could ask, but how long would that take...!).


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Re: Assignment with two rubrics?
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No you cant have two rubrics in the one assignment, however, maybe you could try the below.

Have two anonymous assignments, and ask the user to upload to each.

Set up a separate grouping for each assignment

Set up same students groups in each grouping

Put a different marker into respective groups in each grouping so that marker 1 is in Group A in Grouping A, and Group B in grouping B. And so on.  

Disable view all groups for the teachers/nonediting teachers on these activities

This ensures that different markers just see what they should see group wise

Then in Gradebook, create a gradebook category where both assignments are put in so you can manage the grading aspect in the category calculation - average, max or whatever you want.

Hope you find this useful!

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