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Personal Assessment Tool - Maybe Survey Pro?

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Re: Personal Assessment Tool - Maybe Survey Pro?

Thank you for the reply, Daniele.

> - mmmmhhhh if your survey is not part of a course everyone will be able to submit an answer, even robots and hackers. Are you sure you want to leave your survey 100% open?

No certainly not. Being new to Moodle, I'm still getting used to how things work. I'm used to general CMS systems, where permissions are driven by permission settings per module (Something like Drupal) and things don't need to exist within other contexts to inherit certain permissions.

I think the ideal scenario for me would be if I could still present surveypro to individuals that have been assigned a license to take the survey (sometimes multiple licenses for multiple attempts) but not have it tied to a course.

> think you can limit the number of records each user

You are likely right on this. My need is more granular than that. Think: Coaches > Users. Coaches give users a license to fill out the survey, and users can fill it out as many times as they have licenses. Thus this isn't a static number.

I completely understand what I'm doing here is a little outside of the existing box. Thank you for your feedback, you've given me lots to think about and made my two options very clear. (Modify surveypro or use the form API).

Thank you!

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