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Plugins Curren version not shown during installatin

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Plugins Curren version not shown during installatin

I have attempted several times to install Moodle on Windows 2016 nano server.
PHP 7.11 - works, php_intl.dll problems solved (missing api-ms-win-crt-*.dll installed), opcache problem solved (had to reference zend_extension=php_opcache.dll)

MySQL 5.7.15 installed and can manage it with MySQL Workbench.
Created moodle user, created blank moodle database.
Allowed port 3306 through server firewall.

Installed IIS, configured Moodle site. Configured CGI.
Connecting to default IIS site works.
Connecting with browser and requesting PHP info works.

Copied Moodle 3.2.5 started moodle install. Also tried 3.2.5+, 3.3.2, with same results.
All versoins tried creates MySQL database (user, password, database, and port specified), and all the checks pass, 'Your server environment meets all minumum requirements' (complains a little about https not enabled), as per picture attached.

Initial Checks OK

Press 'Continue' button and the next couple of screens differ at times.
Sometimes the word 'Installation' appears, sometimes a message '500 - Internal server error.', sometimes nothing.

After a long wait the following screen showing the Plugins versions appears, the column under 'Current version' is blank, and the installation halts. What to do next to pass this point?

Plugins Current Version not shown

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Re: Plugins Curren version not shown during installatin
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It is a new install so there is no current version.

As for the install stalling out, I wonder if you are hitting a timeout somewhere - you might check your php.ini and up your timeout settings and see if that helps.  

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Re: Plugins Curren version not shown during installatin

Thanks for prompt answer.

Will do, and let you know.

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