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Just want to document this while it is still fresh in my head.. smile

I have been playing around the pdf version of PowerPoints for ages it seems and I thought I had it pretty much sorted. But I was on a clients APPLE computer the other day and noticed a lot of blank box's going on.

So I am on the look out for the iframe way to get these to work, that it also cost effective, Plus is not some sham site. (I have come across a few and would not recommend them due to where their servers are placed and the copyright content that blatantly do not enforce)

One of my emails this morning had an interesting way of presenting their magazines, which lead me to check out the code and work my way back to the source. Thus it set me on a path of

Couple of good points here, a Kiwi company, thus we know that they will care about not only their image but also how they manage their data. 

Also price points are good.

You can host on their site and just iframe, this is the easy way.. wink

or you can go the hard way with the following.. 

NOTE: I have the nadavkav/moodle-atto_hvp plugin going.. which the embedded code below makes it work for me..

How to get it work - Self hosted

Download their  web based PDF viewer or desktop publisher, load in a pdf. Set as you want it to look. The free version will only allow 10 pages but for the price points they want I am going to upgrade once I complete all the tests on different devices. 

Publish the files, this will give you a directory set. 

FTP there up into your site.. or Zip them and follow these instructions. 

Importing a website into your Moodle Course

Once you get it viewing in a page.. 

  • option 1 use this page
  • Option 2 - hide this activity
If you chose option 2, and want to embed it in to a lesson or book page the following is working for me. 

In chrome - right click and view page source.. you will want to grab this link.. The bold link... 

view-source:YOUR MOODLE SITE/pluginfile.php/906/mod_resource/content/2/Your file.html

Open a lesson or Book page, 

Use this code and notice I have placed the above linking code in to the moodle-atto_hvp iframe code.. 

<iframe src="http://YOUR MOODLE SITE/pluginfile.php/906/mod_resource/content/2/Your file.html?id=54&amp;isembedded=1" class="filter_hvp" style="width:100%; height:80vh;border:2;"></iframe><script>var filter_hvp =".filter_hvp");filter_hvp.on("load", function (e) {this._node.height = this._node.contentWindow.document.body.scrollHeight + 'px';});</script><p><br></p>

And with luck you can have it looking like one of these ..

This is fully responsive and links work out of the pdf, I have not tried a video as yet but by all accounts it should work.. 

I have reached out the flowpaper team as they have a wordpress plugin and asked if they would be interested in a Moodle plugin.. 

So if there is interest in this and others want to test it let me know and I will direct them to here.. 

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Re: DG's tips - Plugins,Codes & links
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Collapse (Accordion) Generator

A time saver. 

While it seems versions of Moodle 3.3+ may have a class's problem with making these work correctly. It is still good to know that there is another tool to be used that can quicken up the development cycle.

Chances are one of the bright sparks on the forums will come up with a fix soon enough so using something a time saver like this is a winner. 

I know I have spent hours coding this in the past. smile

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