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DG's tips - Plugins,Codes & links
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I am in a need of my own thread to try to give back to the community as it seems that I am taking a lot and being helped by a number of great people in the community. 

So instead of spamming other peoples I am going to drop a few things I have learn't over the last two years into here so that others may stumble over it. 

There's so much to learn in making a great Moodle site for your students and clients and we know that it has to be engaging otherwise this blended learning model is going to lose them. A static file repository is just that, they will turn up one or two times then once they have found it too difficult or not enough in there to keep them engaged, you have lost them. 

So I suppose this is my way of using the Moodle thread as a bit of blog to come back to and drop in what I pick up on my little journey, with the hope that it inspires others and saves a bit of time.. 

Unfortunately we know that we have a limited to editing time in these forums, so I find this a little hard in that there is a lot of double up of posts going on. But as this is the format we just have to work with it. I will work on this thread over coming weeks to pull in from other area's of what I have found useful via sometimes long winded conversations in other threads. But, with that in mind it is how we knuckle out these little quirks that come with Moodle. 

I also note, I come from old DOS days so not afraid to break things to see how they work. Thus some of the code I have picked up my or may not be the best for others to use. 

Hopefully this is ok with the Mods as some of you have seen me around the threads asking and asking.. smile

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Re: DG's tips - Plugins,Codes & links
Particularly helpful Moodlers


Wow, what do you say, there is so many that have been put forward by people that with out them our life would be so much harder. 

My best list as it stands at the moment are.. 

Layout outs.. 

Atto plugins

Fullscreen - once you get it you will never go back..

Bootstrap Grid - Top of the list and one of the biggest time savers of all time, with out this my lessons would not look half as good as they do, also the ability to drop in iframes\H5P\Pdf's codes in to pre - formatted area's makes life a breeze.. 

Horizontal rule - there are times where this is another great time saver.. sometimes you just cant get that space you need in between items so through in a line and it all of a sudden looks smart and makes it look like if just fits there. 

PoodLL - with out this my tabs and accordions would be none existent, while I don't use the full power of it and would love to learn a little more on how to use the full suite of tools, those first two worth make it worth while. (be nice to see a lower pricing model just for tabs\accordions usage wink)

Generico (Atto) - Plenty in there and still needs work on my side, but its a tool box within a tool box

Snippet (Atto) - I haven't use the power of this enough but another tool box within a tool box

Templates - Another one.. We almost need a repository for these so that shared codes can be dropped and sharted..

More font colors & More font background colors - for quick edits and highlights

Interactive type tools. 

I want to add to this over time as even within the short Moodle life I have had I am seeing things change at a rapid pace. I am not ashamed to admit I like to follow the same path as water which means the easiest pathway to do something. So as I stumble over great tools I give up one to use another. 

H5P - No need a intro.. hands down one of the best plugins for Moodle.. 

While not everyone is able to get the embed version going, it is so close its not funny.. and if you have a admin that knows his stuff (or you are like me and wear all the hats) you can get it working.. 

Embedded H5P with in Moodle (Using your own site) - link 

nadavkav github to make the magic work.. Yes


.. much thanks to him and take note of the height code to be added.. 

height:800px; border:0;" 

So as an example..

<p></p><div class="atto_bsgrid container-fluid"><div class="row-fluid"><div class="col-md-4 span3"><h4><b>Seems to work well and sizes down fine..&nbsp;</b></h4></div><div class="col-md-4 span6"><p><iframe src="YOURSITE/mod/hvp/view.php?id=608&amp;isembedded=1" class="filter_hvp" style="width:100%; height:800px; border:0;"></iframe><script>var filter_hvp =".filter_hvp");filter_hvp.on("load", function (e) {this._node.height = this._node.contentWindow.document.body.scrollHeight + 'px';});</script></p></div><div class="col-md-4 span3"><iframe src="http://YOURSITE/mod/hvp/view.php?id=608&amp;isembedded=1" class="filter_hvp" style="width:100%; height:800px; border:0;"></iframe><script>var filter_hvp =".filter_hvp");filter_hvp.on("load", function (e) {this._node.height = this._node.contentWindow.document.body.scrollHeight + 'px';});</script></div></div></div><br><p></p>

ends up looking like this.. with plenty of scope to be played with.. 

Note: the height code takes out the shake - give it a try and you will see what I mean.. smile

Staying with H5P but introducing MS-SWAY

I would like to thank Ben and his course over at udemy for this one.. I have used a number of courses out of there to power learn my way through coding and Moodle so if you feel like it go and support those that provide great learning experiences at reasonable rates.. 


I just played with this today and created a great interaction and then have embedded it in to a H5P iframe.. Why you ask.. 

Well it gives me a bit more control over it and fits nicely in to a lesson, book or a plain old page. 

With in the H5P iframe in a page it becomes a full webpage like lesson in its self.. also I was able to embed a excel spreadsheet  (multi tabs) in to it that looks great.. I am actually using Google sheets for that.. and works well. 

code for that took a little to work out but here it is.. 

  1. Set up the H5P iframe embed activity as Make available but not shown on page (I have resorted to making an admin section for all of these that is restricted via a grouping allocation)
  2. you will need to grab this part of the Sway code 

  1.  Strip out - Display action bar and frame, Download button, Copyright button - this leaves it with a clean look on the page. 
  2. Head back to where you want to put it, in this case I have used it in a page. So I added in the code of.. (below).. note this comes from having the H5P nadavkav github plugin.. 
  3. just like to note here also that I have used something a little different that I picked up from the MS-Sway iframe codes and that is height:80vh; .. verses height:800px; seems to work well and looks great
  4. And this little snippet below you will see me use all the time.. have found it is the magic positioning piece for all of my lesson pages. 
<div class="editor-indent" style="margin-left: 20px; padding: 0 0 0 40px; margin-right: 50px">
<iframe src=";isembedded=1" class="filter_hvp" style="width:100%; height:80vh;border:2;"></iframe><script>var filter_hvp =".filter_hvp");filter_hvp.on("load", function (e) {this._node.height = this._node.contentWindow.document.body.scrollHeight + 'px';});</script>

This now gives me a fully scroll-able interactive window that is being feed from the SWAY with a web like experience for the user. 

Full page of Links, embedded Spreadsheet, Animations..

My feeling on this is that this is as good as using any of the Scorm tools that cost an arm and a leg. 

Also I have a feeling that we are going to see another tool come on very soon called Adapt as once they get the ability to export and import like the H5P team have done, then Moodler's will be able to use it on their desktop and community can generate templates to be used. 

A bit on that..  Fabio Beoni (Also has developed for the H5P team)  has brought us the ability to run it on a PC..

Ok, that is part one done.. hope this inspires others to play and saves a bit of time. As I know how many hours I have had to put in to this to get it to a point where I am comfortable that I am using all tools possible to bring a great learning experience to my clients and students. 

Why settle for 2nd best when we have the tools at our finger tips.. smile

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Re: DG's tips - Plugins,Codes & links
Particularly helpful Moodlers

Coding for Lessons\Books and Pages.

There is plenty throughout the forums, but for my liking it seems to be scattered far and wide. I am sure there are others like myself that have developed book full of codes that work over time. And suppose its really where you need to start getting in the habit of using Github to build on what you are going to learn. 

I am thinking how I can release the 10+ books that I have made up over time on what works for me.. would anyone want a copy?

If so leave a note here and I will maybe look at doing backups so they can be loaded in to you own instance. 

It is one of the most time consuming points of moving in to Moodle_verse.. as the deeper you get the more you want to do. Then you have Atto doing things that sometimes will just drive you nuts, I think Atto is sending me blind having to come back in and clean up code it seems to like to throw in for no apparent reason.. 

Warning! HTML tidy - A Filter plugin - I lost a week over this one and still have no clue what it does, but by turning it on it seems to alter site wide ability of Tabs to work, both in Poodll and hard coded, it also will give other problems within courses that have been made. 
I haven't had time to investigate it and don't know if it is bug between my theme and the Moodle instances I have used, but it kicked in from v2.9
On to the Goodies.. Time savers and tool box's you need to have in your kit to develop with.

I have grabbed an  HTML EDITOR that I find is easy to work with and gives me good way of collecting what works.. 

What I like about this one is it is easy to add to its library of templates so once you sort out what works for you, then save it and use it again and again. As a note I have grabbed their bootstrap editor as well an find playing in here gives me that RESPONSIVE SITE DESIGNER type feel, that we can only hope the powers that be can introduce in to Moodle as a brilliant way of what you see is what you get type course designing. (Dreaming out loud here)...


Best way here is to just drop links in that I have picked up as its all trial and error, what works for one theme, instance may not look to work so well on another. 

1st up is Mary's work.. 

LOOK & LEARN. - Tips-n-Tricks

Next up.. 

Bootstrap 2.3.2 components. 

But, that is not to say that Bootstrap 3,4 codes don't work.. Head to to find a range of options that can be worked with. 

Code like below is what you can pickup and tweak to fit in to your own instance.. look.. 


So as you can see, there has to be tweaking to get it how you want. note this is Bootstrap 3.3 code. 

Now, I don't know about other developers.. but this snippet that I can not live with out seems to be a cure all for so many of my formatting problems..

   <div class="editor-indent" style="margin-left: 20px; padding: 0 0 0 40px; margin-right: 50px"></div>

Even in Atto here, I cant wrap that in the <code> code with out Atto being painful... 

Another one that is a must.. Can't get your columns right.. you need this.. 

<div class="row-fluid">

Another good site is..

This Moodle site that I have come across in my travels has a few examples, Seems it is a little abandoned but some of the codes work well..


What would life be without colours. 

This is still yet another area that I still need to perfect so that it comes 2nd nature but the links below may save a new Moodler some time. 

Alerts -

Another nice little link and what you see is what you get HTML editor online.. 

A good read on Fonts and colours.. Best Practise guide.. 

That's it for this page.. Still a few more pages I will add so that others can quickly get up to speed on what it takes to create.

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Mary Cooch
Re: DG's tips - Plugins,Codes & links
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Hi Daniel - if you are talking about Moodle books then please upload any books you would like to share to our Community hub on - there is space to add books there:

I'm currently at a Moodle moot (conference) in Miami where we are planning a major new uphaul of our community and sharing options and we'll be encouraging much more sharing of resources - anything you have is welcome.

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Mary Cooch
Re: DG's tips - Plugins,Codes & links
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Hi again Daniel. Another thought- in order that your "mini blog" gets a wider range of viewers, rather than only teachers (this forum is about teaching with Moodle) I am going to move it to the General help forum, where themers,  admins and developers will see it too. Thanks!

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Re: DG's tips - Plugins,Codes & links
Particularly helpful Moodlers

Thanks Mary, 

Sometimes with a thread like this is is never easy to pick the right area to put it as it is a mix of Course designing tips. 

As you can see its my way of trying to drop all I have  or going to learn in to one area so that any other new Moodler's may shorten the time-frame from Learning, Researching, Designing and then going live so you can use these tools to engage your students and clients. smile


I am only new to this one but I can see already that I am going to fall in love with it.

The best way to have a play and see the power of it is to use these following links to setup a quick template and then start making your own. 

Note: All credits for the following PPT go to the Articulate team.. you will have to signup to their site, but there is some great templates in there. - powerpoint-click-and-reveal-template

this is it in action via scorm

View Demo: Storyline 2 Click-and-Reveal Template

this is it via MIX

Just WOW.. I wish this was around 6-12 months ago, it does look good in the iframe embedded in to a page on moodle. 

This could be very well the PPT presenter in Moodle we have been waiting for.. understanding of course that Microsoft is aiming to get us all to subscribe to their cloud-based services.. so we just need to play them off against Google a bit and we could see some great new tools coming in to our space. 


I haven't set up tracking on this, but...  theoretical  it could be dropped in to a H5P iframe and then giving a score for viewing. 


We can't drop Iframes into Forums?

Seems this way as I tried to directly share this link but the editor is not holding the codes?

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Re: DG's tips - Plugins,Codes & links
Particularly helpful Moodlers


 Scratch that .. going to have to work this maybe through Google slides after May 1, 2018: 

Take a note of these dates.. 

January 1, 2018:   You'll no longer be able to sign up as a new user or download the Office Mix add-in from the website. Existing users who already have the Mix add-in installed will still be able to use it to upload, edit, view, and download their existing content.

May 1, 2018:   The Office Mix site and all its content will be officially discontinued. The site will no longer be accessible after that date. Any links to your Office Mix content that you previously shared with others will stop working after this date.

Looks like they just want to have another content (Video) hosting service and then use SWAY as a type of presentation platform..

Two years too late in this case.. mixed

I use Google slides for PPT's now.. so there will not be much change.. just a shame as would have been the perfect answer for an alternative way of doing things.. 

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Re: DG's tips - Plugins,Codes & links
Particularly helpful Moodlers

Sliders and Filters - More plugin reviews

Filters: Cincopa Video, Audio and Images Filter

Atto: Cincopa Atto Plugin

Assignment submissions : Cincopa Rich Media Assignment Submission

Understanding that time is money when it comes to course development. 

And as a boot strapped school or company we want to provide the best we can with the tools we can get our hands on. 

I had this discussion to day about the billable hours that "could" go in to a course design. But of course as a trainer and teacher many of us do this not only to support our clients and students but also for the satisfaction in knowing that we are providing the rich experience that the students\clients want to see.. The web-look within courses and book modules. 

This is why we gravitate towards the path of least resistance and try to find the tools that will shorten the time frame we can pull something together. 

While I do now have a range of Slider Carousel's that are working, the beauty of Cincopa set of plugins is they just work. 

Are they perfect, not yet.. there is still a learning curve. But the ability to quickly throw together a great looking visual presentation and "iframe" it in to a book or lesson page, sets it up there with the H5P set of tools. 

I have been using one their templates "Cool Team Slider" and converting it into a range of sliders for some of my lessons. What would have been the scroll of death with the amount of photos and information we have to put in, is now contained nicely into the slides. 

Best viewing codes I have found for this are as the following.


<iframe width="1200" height="630" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="" scrolling="no"></iframe>


Then if you want to get a bit more frame look around it.. 

<div class="well well-sm">
<iframe width="1200" height="630" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Disclaimer : what looks good on my screens may need a little tweaking on yours. 

But there is a ton of templates that they have got going with in their systems. 

Noting of course that there is limited amount of content you can stream under the free tier. 

But as competition is heating up on the offerings of these sort of media enrichment and storage providers. I am finding that it works within our budgets. And the best thing of it all is I am getting things done with in time-frames that would take me or another team member hours of uploading files and html programming.. 

Anyone else using this and would like to share their experiences?

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Just wondering . . .
Re: DG's tips - Plugins,Codes & links

I just checked out this Daniel:

I'm lazy.  Perhaps you can answer these questions or point me to the docs.  I just did a quick squiz.

The plugins and filters look great.

  • Do I need to use their repo?
  • Can I use the deployment to link to youtube videos?
  • Can I just do images? if yes, where do they need to go?  On the web?


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Re: DG's tips - Plugins,Codes & links
Particularly helpful Moodlers


Just a quick answer to the questions as been travelling all day.. 

Do I need to use their repo?

This is up to the individual as you can just pop in the iframe code if you want direct from their media-platform, But thier plugin for moodle does allow you to do it all in house (opens their media platform and you can do it all from with moodle. )

Can I use the deployment to link to youtube videos?

No.. as it seems this is their business model. As they want to be a hosting company for people's media. 

Can I just do images? if yes, where do they need to go?  On the web?

Yes, direct from their media-platform. I kicked off with the free plan to play and once I was comfortable with it, have upgraded to the startup plan which gives me videos 5 audios 1500 images

Here is a link to their plans.

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Re: DG's tips - Plugins,Codes & links
Particularly helpful Moodlers

As my books of codes are going to take some time to clean up due to dumping code in there as I find what works and what I want to play with. 

I have gone another way and put some snippets in to for others to tear apart for their own.

Here are the links so far.. 

Copy all code under this.. 

<!-- Start of content block - copy from below this for Moodle -->

also you will see this code on them all.. 

<div class="editor-indent" style="margin-left: 20px; padding: 0 0 0 40px; margin-right: 50px">

Adjust values to suit your needs..

Bootply slider - Moodle 3.3.3

Mini  slider - Moodle 3.3.3

Slider with Buttons - Moodle 3.3.3 - Needs work on the colours\highlights on the buttons

Wells with H5P embedded - Moodle 3.3.3

Wells with Buttons - Moodle 3.3.3 - Got to give credit to the prepare2getahead team for this one as it looks good in a lesson. 

Just change the code to suit your needs.

Tabs with nice section divider - Bottom - Moodle 3.3.3

Tabs in reading block - Moodle 3.3.3

Video Panel - Moodle 3.3.3 (hint play with with your Fav icons and make info, important, reading box's to split your pages)

Test box tables - with fa fa-info-circle Moodle 3.3.3

Alert Colours - Moodle 3.3.3

Mix buttons - Moodle 3.3.3

Hope this helps others as I know how long its taken me in man hours to play around and make things work the way I want them. 

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Re: DG's tips - Plugins,Codes & links
Particularly helpful Moodlers

Since I am on a bit of a roll sharing what works at the moment ( I wish I had this list when I started two years ago)tongueout

There are plenty of sites and codes I have half done that need work, but its just time to get to play while balancing  work and life. 

I have a few questions for the Moodle Coding Guru's.. 

How bad is it to add to your custom CSS section?

in that, what can we expect to break? 

or is this one of those things where you keep adding until you break something?

Where is this written to (which file does it end up in and can we edit directly in to it)?

I have touched on customs CSS files as I see there is a lot on this for the Mobile application but its all a little scary at the moment of my level of ability.. 

Then we go in to the Custom HTML section, same questions as above. 

Then of course we go in to "is this all mobile friendly".. something I am still conscious of as of course we are going to have a large % of students client accessing via Ipads and android tablets phones. 

Adding to the last post, a few more TAB like codes that are working and a few I would like to get to work. 

You might think I am fixated on Tabs, but you kind of have to be when you are loading in a lot of learning\research materials.. 

Otherwise you end up with horrible blocks of plain old text that loses them and the scroll of death on long pages. 

These look good, but Add the CSS to your Site administration Appearance\Themes\YOUR THEME\Custom\CSS & JS

Credits to:

HTML5, CSS3 & JS Experiments By Martin Ivanov

CSS3 Tabs - Moodle 3.3.3

Note this sample has a disabled="disabled" class on 4th Tab.. just delete that to get it going. 

This is a nice set as wraps well with in a container like look. I haven't loaded in pictures or Videos as yet, but will add in a few over coming weeks. 

Animated Horizontal Accordion

Nice set of Animated Horizontal Accordion's - Working

ok, for the coding Guru's.. 


Even by adding the below, I can't seem to get them to work.. 

Register the Component on the Page via HTML5 @import
You need to do this just once, and add the directive either in the <head /> section or before the closing <body /> tag of the page.
<script src="AcidJs.XTabs/lib/x-tag-components.js"></script>
<link rel="import" href="AcidJs.XTabs/classes/XTabs.html" />

Also, I am wondering out loud, I notice that a lot of this code we use for Moodle is older versions, as in Bootstrap 2.3.2, when Bootstrap is up to V4+ now. And you will notice that the code above is from 2013/2014.. 

I seem to be able to add in new Bootstrap coding and have the understanding that it is Theme related. But is it is still hit or miss on what works and what doesn't.. 

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Re: DG's tips - Plugins,Codes & links
Particularly helpful Moodlers

Just want to document this while it is still fresh in my head.. smile

I have been playing around the pdf version of PowerPoints for ages it seems and I thought I had it pretty much sorted. But I was on a clients APPLE computer the other day and noticed a lot of blank box's going on.

So I am on the look out for the iframe way to get these to work, that it also cost effective, Plus is not some sham site. (I have come across a few and would not recommend them due to where their servers are placed and the copyright content that blatantly do not enforce)

One of my emails this morning had an interesting way of presenting their magazines, which lead me to check out the code and work my way back to the source. Thus it set me on a path of

Couple of good points here, a Kiwi company, thus we know that they will care about not only their image but also how they manage their data. 

Also price points are good.

You can host on their site and just iframe, this is the easy way.. wink

or you can go the hard way with the following.. 

NOTE: I have the nadavkav/moodle-atto_hvp plugin going.. which the embedded code below makes it work for me..

How to get it work - Self hosted

Download their  web based PDF viewer or desktop publisher, load in a pdf. Set as you want it to look. The free version will only allow 10 pages but for the price points they want I am going to upgrade once I complete all the tests on different devices. 

Publish the files, this will give you a directory set. 

FTP there up into your site.. or Zip them and follow these instructions. 

Importing a website into your Moodle Course

Once you get it viewing in a page.. 

  • option 1 use this page
  • Option 2 - hide this activity
If you chose option 2, and want to embed it in to a lesson or book page the following is working for me. 

In chrome - right click and view page source.. you will want to grab this link.. The bold link... 

view-source:YOUR MOODLE SITE/pluginfile.php/906/mod_resource/content/2/Your file.html

Open a lesson or Book page, 

Use this code and notice I have placed the above linking code in to the moodle-atto_hvp iframe code.. 

<iframe src="http://YOUR MOODLE SITE/pluginfile.php/906/mod_resource/content/2/Your file.html?id=54&amp;isembedded=1" class="filter_hvp" style="width:100%; height:80vh;border:2;"></iframe><script>var filter_hvp =".filter_hvp");filter_hvp.on("load", function (e) {this._node.height = this._node.contentWindow.document.body.scrollHeight + 'px';});</script><p><br></p>

And with luck you can have it looking like one of these ..

This is fully responsive and links work out of the pdf, I have not tried a video as yet but by all accounts it should work.. 

I have reached out the flowpaper team as they have a wordpress plugin and asked if they would be interested in a Moodle plugin.. 

So if there is interest in this and others want to test it let me know and I will direct them to here.. 

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Re: DG's tips - Plugins,Codes & links
Particularly helpful Moodlers

Collapse (Accordion) Generator

A time saver. 

While it seems versions of Moodle 3.3+ may have a class's problem with making these work correctly. It is still good to know that there is another tool to be used that can quicken up the development cycle.

Chances are one of the bright sparks on the forums will come up with a fix soon enough so using something a time saver like this is a winner. 

I know I have spent hours coding this in the past. smile

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Re: DG's tips - Plugins,Codes & links
Particularly helpful Moodlers


With thanks to the Lambda Solutions team. 

Worth an hour to watch. 

How To Easily Create Interactive Content in Your LMS

(You may have to leave your contact details)

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Re: DG's tips - Plugins,Codes & links
Particularly helpful Moodlers

This little how-to comes from moving to  a Mobile-first design cycle versus a desktop first. 

Like a lot of training organisations, there is always going to be the split between the Face to Face and online\hard copy resources. Thus still the use of Powerpoints and Pdf’s are at the forefront of getting this information into the inquiring minds that need it. 

Also the need to work on all 3 platforms, Microsoft\Apple\Android. 

So far the tools of choice for my type of delivery are:

Gdrive for streaming of


H5P – Now streamed from a Wordpress site to the Moodle site for a better mobile experience. 

(I do note I have seen a few transferring PPT's to H5P lessons now, which is another way of doing this)

This little how-to is a day’s work of working out a better way of presenting the PPT’s and Pdf’s to the mobile app. 


This is the code you are going to face when you got stock out of Gdrive. 

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="960" height="749" allowfullscreen="true" mozallowfullscreen="true" webkitallowfullscreen="true"></iframe>

This is the code that is working best for me. 

<iframe class="embed-responsive-item" src=";loop=false&amp;delayms=3000" width="660" height="349" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>

This comes from a bit of research and trying to get a better responsive set of code to use. 

I did refer to this but I couldn’t get it to work as planned with the custom CSS commands so had to butcher it a bit to at least make the PPT’s to look and feel fine on the tablet and Mobile phones.


While I do use the Flowpaper and love the ease it works for me. There is still the need for an alternative way of placing smaller pdfs at the reach of the students and or copies of the PPT’s for them to download and reference from. Plus the standard codes I have been using don’t allow for them to show up in the mobile app. 

Original codes – hosted on the Moodle site.

A new way for now that works for the mobile app.

What we are interested in is this code string. 

<iframe src="" width="640" height="480"></iframe>
Of note is “preview”

Load your pdf to Gdrive. 

Share to “Public” (but this is not going to be left open)

Grab your code..

Once you have this, Go back to sharing and turn it to anyone with link only. This will bring it back in so the bots and google are not throwing your files up in search engines.. 

Now we want to to iframe this. 

<iframe src="" width="640" height="480"></iframe>

Now bring those two together.. 

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="960" height="749" allowfullscreen="true" mozallowfullscreen="true" webkitallowfullscreen="true"></iframe>
<iframe src="" width="640" height="480"></iframe>
Place it in to a Page activity. 

Head along to your mobile app and see how they look. 

Both can be expanded to full screen and Pdf can be downloaded if you have that setting set. 

All have touch ability on Android. I am yet to test it on iPhone.. 

If someone goes down that route let me know. I will have a few meetings over the coming week with clients on ipads and iPhones so will check it out and report back. 

The only thing I saw was a slight delay in Gdrive on the first render of the pdfs. Once they have been opened once and rendered it seems other times there are not problems. So be aware if you have like a 30-40 page pdf as Gdrive will have to do its magic on it. 

Also of note, I am wrapping this all in flexbox containers, which gives spacing and seems to work well with the mobile app. 

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