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By composing questions I mean creating the questions on the System level. I'm probably less concerned with this as I am aware of the XML format for questions, but if there's a more API based way to generate questions that would be ideal as I don't think the MoodleXML was designed to be authored, but more for moving questions between banks.

The reason I don't want to use the regular interface is time. I find it super arduous to do all of the dragging dropping, selecting from drop downs, copying and dragging into sections, etc., I think this is obvious lazy to some degree - but its my honest feeling. I love learning macro languages because they allow me to automate  a lot of the setup and transformation - so I'm hoping to be able to have that in Moodle.

My process now is to:

Create a topic per day. Set description labels, and set access restrictions by date - both a from and until.

Create a quiz activity in each topic. Even if I copy the quiz I have to adjust the the access restriction date ranges as well as update the title/description for each, although they probably inherit access from the parent topic I just set it to be certain.

For each iteration of creating the course I'm going to have to make a couple of hundred edits to the various topics and quizzes, in addition to all of the dragging and dropping, and copying of objects.

And I'm planning to do this every single month. So I don't really get any advantage from my experience because the process is more or less the same, with a little less dragging and dropping.

So in my perfect world there's something like VBA, ExtendScript, where I can do some of this.

I think I've found a way where I can create a series of SQL statements to do some of this work - but I worry about referential integrity when faced with such a large table count.

Thank-you for allowing me to clarify and for any insight you can provide. smile

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