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Creating a pre-built hit for teachers - 4th Grade Spelling

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Creating a pre-built hit for teachers - 4th Grade Spelling
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We recently had a hit for teachers by designing a pre-built and fully ready to use spelling word course!  The course contains the spelling list for each week, along with 4 different activities, 3 project choices, and a post test complete with audio files.  Using the week's spelling words student do vocabulary match, ABC Order, Find the Missing Letters, and Word Scramble.  Then the student works on several project choices to help them dive deeper into using the words.  Finally, they are given a test that has an audio file for each word announcing the word and using it in a sentence. 

The spelling course is pre-built and we simply import the content into new courses making it easily available for any teacher wanting to use it.  The key to all of this is the professional development wrapped around the course.  Many teachers are jumping onto Moodle for the first time because this course makes learning the spelling words so easy and fun for the students!  The professional development sessions are designed to help them get started and learn how to customize the materials to meet the needs of their students.  

When you design a course that has content every teacher at that grade level uses it becomes very appealing for teachers wanting to work in a blended environment but unsure how to get started and lacking the time to go in-depth with it.  This is a great way to get started and learn how to use the system (Moodle) while getting something that saves you time in the classroom!  

Check out this awesome post by the course designer and technology coach, Amy Gwizdz:  

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