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eBooks Library in Moodle 3.3

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eBooks Library in Moodle 3.3

I'm currently working with an educational institution that is setting up Moodle to be accessed via their local network. One of their key requirements is to have ebooks accessible in Moodle. LoggedIn users should be able to access ebooks from within the platform.

Is there a way to have an 'ebooks library' in Moodle?  I'm currently trying out the database activity module and was wondering if there is a much easier way to go about it considering they have hundreds of these ebooks in pdf format. Any plugins that exist (paid or free) for this kind of stuff?

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Re: eBooks Library in Moodle 3.3
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Others will probably suggest adapting an existing plugin with work-arounds for a ebook (PDF) collection.    There is a plugin for a Media collection but don't know if it will allow ebooks (in your case PDF).

Am gonna throw out an idea ... which may/may not be desired, but might be exactly what you need ... another server built for ebooks ... Calibre

clip from above link:

"Share and backup your library easily

calibre comes with a handy web server to host your library. In just a few moments you can safely share all (or just some) of your e-books with anyone you choose or access them yourself from anywhere, using any device you like. With the server, you can read the books in your calibre library on any phone/tablet using just a browser. It even works offline.

calibre has also some useful backup and import/export features that will guarantee the safety and portability of your book collection with minimal fuss."

Truth in sharing ... have run Calibre on a Mac Laptop ... primarily for converting ... never used the 'handy web server' so can't speak to just how 'handy' that is ... also never explored interfacing with Moodle.

OR, one might be able to take advantage of what Google Drive (or similar) offers.


From your Moodle, a simple link to your shared collection.

'spirit of sharing', Ken

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Re: eBooks Library in Moodle 3.3
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Hi Elias

the term ebook is used here for different file formats like epub, mobi and pdf.

  • For the activity book is an ebup import available. See
  • mobi is a proprietar format that can be used only with some players. Normally no chance to use them.
  • PDF. There are a lot of options with file or folder ressource, database or glossary attachment


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