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Plugin deployment tool via Git

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Plugin deployment tool via Git
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(reposted here, since my initial post in General > Installing and upgrading was probably not the best choice)

I have written gitplugins, a simple php script to help deploy (and upgrade) a bunch of plugins,
in a semi-centralized way, provided that the plugins are available in a git repository (vast majority nowadays).
I wanted to avoid the "git submodules" solution, which is quite technically complex (requires a rather high git level),
and not versatile enough, to my mind.
You can see gitplugins as a very light dependency management tool, remotely inspired by composer.

The script is available on github :

I have fulfilled the process to index it in the Plugin Directory, but for now it's waiting for approval
( As this is not a "true" plugin, I don't know if it will be accepted there.

All comments are very welcome.

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Re: Plugin deployment tool via Git

This seems like a great idea and something I can see myself using. At a glance I can't see any reason why this dependency management tool would be specific to Moodle rather than php applications in general. 

Why have you chosen to present it as a Moodle tool?

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