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A new Moodle Mobile app is on its way!

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Re: A new Moodle Mobile app is on its way!
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Hi Ted,

1. Yes, we have direct contact with Moodle partners so we can help them with this kind of things if they don't know how to do that.

2.The order change has been applied in v3.5.1. It was released in Android last friday, and it's pending for review in iOS (should be released soon).

3. One of the things we want to do is to display the list of sections in wide devices (tablet & desktop app), but we still need to find a good solution for phones since they don't have much screen space.



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Re: A new Moodle Mobile app is on its way!

Hi Dani

Thanks again so much for your responses.  So great to have some feedback on this and dialogue, as I must admit - everyone has done a fantastic job on the latest release smile

Re the sections on the mobile course page, might I suggest a few options?

  • All sections to automatically appear on the course summary page underneath.  Whilst this might result in long list courses with many sections, with would at least make it very clear where users can find the resources (as we've received a lot of feedback and complaints about difficulty to find it via the three dots in the top right)
  • A "Click here to access course resources" button underneath the course summary page?
  • Or, maybe when a user clicks on, for example, the course summary image, this could take them to the contents

Either I think would help make the user journey that bit easier.  Just my thoughts smile

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Re: A new Moodle Mobile app is on its way!

Hi all 

We've been doing some further user testing to see how we might be able to best utilise Moodle Mobile within our organisation and we've had some really useful feedback:

  1. A lot of confusion around how to access the sections of the courses and, therefore, learning materials (as discussed in my previous post)
  2. As we utilise SCORM packages which feature videos, users are able to "zoom in" on the videos and make these full screen by pinching the screen with their fingers. The problem this has, is that it lets users then skip to the end of the video - which is a feature they ordinarily aren't able to do on a SCORM via Moodle LMS.
  3. Queries around just what elements we can "hide" if we are to get our own version of the app made?  For example, if we didn't need reference to the Timeline, or removing option to view Participants within courses.

Hope the feedback is useful but would be great if anyone knew of a resolution to the above, particularly around a better way to improve user journey for accessing course materials and also re the SCORM video issue?



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