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Curriculum Mapping

Hi all,

As most of us are teaching within an education system that has mandated curricula for some government authority, I was wondering if anyone is an international/comparative curricula expert.

I am currently looking for complete K-12 Curricula from around the world that I can download in a suitable format to pump into the competencies frameworks section of moodle.net. I am wondering if anyone knows about any more clearinghouses for curricula and frameworks other than the Achievement Standards Network. (I noticed that, for instance, on the ASN site, the Scottish download is only for Science.) Presently, I am simply contacting education jurisdictions one by one requesting downloadable formats, which is both hit and miss and laborious.

Any leads?

I posted something similar to this in the competencies forum - sorry for any duplicates; I thought that there might be a bit of a different population in each group.


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