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Develop new plugin for assignments level

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Develop new plugin for assignments level


I want to develop a new plugin which  will define external service for processing submitted files in assignment activity.
It like plagiarism plugins that trigger an action on submitted file but its not a plagiarism service.

What kind of plugin should I use to produce the same process as a plagiarism plugin does but doing something else ...?

Thank for advanced...


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Re: Develop new plugin for assignments level
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If I understand you correctly, you'll need to use the Event API to create an observer for the assignsubmission_file\event\assessable_uploaded event.  This could technically be any type of plugin, it depends how if at all you want it to integrate into Moodle's interface.  If it's completely separate to Moodle's existing workflows and just operates in the background when a submission is made, it could be a Local plugin.

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