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Using Google Cloud Storage on Moodle

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Re: Using Google Cloud Storage on Moodle
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First, am new at this also ... and fumbled around quite a bit.    So don't consider me any where near a google expert! ;)

In order to get the file system repo to show to Moodle ... I created symlinks in /moodledata/repository/ for a google bucket that pointed to /mnt/nameofbuket.

lrwxrwxrwx. 1 apache apache 13 Sep 24 09:29 gbucket -> /mnt/gbucket/

command as root user:

in /moodledata/repository/

ln -fs /mnt/gbucket/ gbucket

What I call the bucket on the system like that is only for Moodle ... cause the real name in the setup of the bucket on Google .... your's is moodle-jorge

Uhhhh ... that might not be a good name to use ... hate to say this but have been seeing bot scan's on all servers looking for phpmyadmins and the agent is jorgee .... hmmm ... that's not you is it? ;)

Anyhoo ... Moodle sees 'gbucket'.  But, since it is a file system when setting up Moodle to use it, one has a check box for something about being allowed to use 'aliases'.   Haven't tried that as am not sure that videos or anything as a resource in Moodle that could change (dynamic nature ... let's say video01-10212017.mp4 needs to have it's named changed to video01-10312017.mp4 ... will it work?)

Haven't tried anything like that.  Not sure the bucket can be accessed like that ... however, having said that ... hit the bucket with your browser and you'll see there is additional meta data that you can add to each file ... mimetype stuff ... as per example, mimetype info so that IF a browser can actually see/use the file browser knows it's a video/mp4.

If there were a way for the bucket to auto do that then I think I could be used like that ... other wise, I don't have time to enter meta data for every file ... do you?

I was thinking in terms of autobackups ... keep all! ;)  in something that could also be used on another moodle instance even on different IP/network to restore courses on another Moodle ... that sort of thing.

We're fumbling around together on this one. smile

'spirit of sharing', Ken

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