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Check active blocks on page

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Check active blocks on page

Is there any way to list all available or assigned block on any page like landing page, course view page etc.

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Re: Check active blocks on page
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For the current page, use $PAGE->blocks.

To see what is on other pages, you need code like this:

$page = new \moodle_page();
$page->set_url('/course/view.php', array('id' => $this->course->id));

$context = \context_course::instance($this->course->id);

$blockmanager = $page->blocks;


$missingblocks = self::$BLOCKS_TO_ENSURE_EXIST;
$desiredblockpositions = self::$BLOCK_ORDER;
$targetblockpositions = array();
foreach ($blockmanager->get_regions() as $region) {
foreach ($blockmanager->get_blocks_for_region($region) as $block) {
$instance = $block->instance;

if ($instance->parentcontextid == $context->id && in_array($instance->blockname, self::$BLOCKS_TO_REMOVE)) {
$this->log_action('blockremoved', $this->block_type_name($instance->blockname));

if (isset($missingblocks[$instance->blockname])) {
} else {
if (isset($desiredblockpositions[$instance->blockname])) {
$tempname = $instance->blockname;
} else {
$tempname = 'OTHER';
$targetblockpositions[$instance->id] =
array($instance, $desiredblockpositions[$tempname]);
$desiredblockpositions[$tempname] += 1;

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