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Developing an LTI subplugin

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Developing an LTI subplugin
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Hi all,

I think I found a bug in the api for creating subplugins for the External Tool (LTI) activity.

In order to make the subplugin appear in the activity chooser, one must implement a function called get_shortcuts(), which is going to substitute the function get_types(), now deprecated: 

When you follow the instructions given in the documentation above (implementing the deprecated get_types() function), you are able to get your subplugin activity displayed in the activity chooser along with the original External Tool activity.

However, if you implement the get_shortcuts() function instead (this function should return a set of propierties a bit different, as stated here:, the activity chooser only shows the lti subplugin, while the original External Tool activity dissapears from the list.

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