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Consider sharing raw plugin usage data

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Consider sharing raw plugin usage data
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I would like to bring to your attention an MDLSITE issue I just created.

Its purpose is to consider being more open about the data collected regarding our plugins' usage. Such data is invaluable to developers, it would definitely benefit them if more was available. I am not suggesting to add more widgets to the plugin's page at this stage, I know how hard it can be to display simple yet comprehensive information. Rather I am suggesting to give access to the raw data to the plugin's maintainers, or better, to everyone.

More on the tracker issue:
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Re: Consider sharing raw plugin usage data
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I have just read David Mudraks comment on the tracker issue and I have to say dammn you all to insufficient light Moodle HQ, for your detailed addressing of privacy and respect for end user choice in the distribution of free software smile,_the_Prince_of_Insufficient_Light

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