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Share session data between two separate instances

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Share session data between two separate instances
I currently have two live moodle instances, the older one is sitting on 2.7 on one sub-domain, the new one is 3.3 on a different subdomain (but the main domain is the same).

I need to keep the old live for the next 6 months or so (at least) but then it will be decommissioned, I would like it if there was a temporary way of sharing the session data between the two instances, preferable people would sign into the old one (they already do this anyway) then when they click through to the new setup they are just logged in.

I know we could do this with SAML (that is actually in the works) or Shiboleth, but I was hoping that short term 'hack' of the session data would suffice.

If everyone says it can't be done, that's fine, I'm fine with the two sign-ins, but I have quite a few people finding it to be awkward.




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