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Question about re-grading.

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Question about re-grading.

We need to resolve following situation (please note I am new to Moodle):

Say there is a quiz with multiple choice question with 4 answers where only answer #2 is correct. Correct answer is worth 1 point and incorrect answer is worth 0.

After exam is completed a grievance is filed by a student that answers are ambiguous (or the question is not precise enough) and that answer #4 is also correct. Grievance is found to have merit.

Now we also have to award 1 point to everyone who picked answer #4.

What is the most appropriate way of doing it in Moodle? So far it seems that "Extra Credit" is perfect for this purpose but I wanted to make sure there is no better way.

The reason I posted it in Development forum is because we may need to award this extra point to several hundred people so doing it on individual basis would take too long. The plan is to use Moodle API for this.

The plan is as follows:

1) Create a new Grade Item (worth 1 point) called "Extra Credit for Quiz NNN Question YYYY" with "Extra Credit" property set to "true".

2) Query the list of students for those who took this quiz and picked answer #4

3) Iterate over the list and award an extra point to each student on that list

If this plan is correct - what Moodle API functions should I use to accomplish these 3 steps?

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