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Top Tech Tools to Build a Learning Platform

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Let's add one more thing to the top tech tools to build a Learning Platform...  a free lockdown testing browser for Chromebooks that is tightly integrated with our Fordson theme and easy to deploy via Google for Education Managed devices.  

No matter how great a LMS is, a K-12 teacher will always ask..."But can the students cheat?".  

We hear their concerns and just recently we developed an answer - an easy to use Chromebook App.  

We call it the iLearn Secure Browser App for chromebooks.  It consists of 2 new plugins for the Fordson theme which work together to provide a secure and trusted assessment tool.  In a matter of 15 minutes we deployed the app to over 11,000 chromebooks and had quizzes ready to be locked down with the click of a button.

Any Google for Education school that uses chromebooks and Moodle will want to use this if you are concerned about student cheating on assessments.  We even built an App configurator page where you can customize the features before deploying it to laptops.

Learn More:  ilearn Secure Browser Flyer   |   Ilearn Secure Browser Overview and Demo Video

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