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Top Tech Tools to Build a Learning Platform

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Particularly helpful Moodlers

Thanks for the comment approve. We were hoping that the alert-colors with bootstrap would help users to distinguish which content standards they were viewing. Plus the buttons were added to make navigation a little more obvious. 

Bismarck Public School District has been using Moodle Learnbps a little longer than 9 years. We started by using Moodle to support our Professional Learning Communities (PLC) working on the prioritization and deconstruction of subject content standards. This is what's nice about Moodle is that the LMS is flexible and scalable to evolve into the current digital workspaces BPS-Standards for providing a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn. These Subject Standards workspaces consist of Book Module and Global Glossaries, which auto-link the standards info through out the site. Plus Moodle integrates with our Student Information System, so when parents have a clearer picture of what a standard score represents.

We started with only a couple of teachers using Moodle with their students and currently have 77 visible courses being used by over 1500 student daily. This is about 25% of our secondary students grades 6-12. So we are making progress and slowly growing from year to year. Our next hope is that with the development of the Learnbps MarketPlace we can get that next large group of teachers (the early adaptors) to start using Moodle by providing a "one-stop shop" hub where they can add activities and resources to their sharing cart to easily add to their own courses.

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